Prototypical Architecture Publishing

 A panel discussion with the creators of URO's latest publication, Among Buildings (Second Edition).

To take place as part of the Same Page Art Book Fair hosted by Perimeter Books, presented at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space.



Prototypical architecture publishing 

Every work of architecture is a prototype, of sorts, as no two buildings are alike. Despite this, architectural publishing tends to adhere to a set of conventions. These produce a kind of homogeneity in the way architecture is represented, in both words and images.

In this conversation, architectural photographer Tom Ross, architect and poet Michael Roper, and book designer Stuart Geddes discuss their professional experiences working within these conventions, and how their recent book Among Buildings works against them. 

Among Buildings encourages readers to imagine afresh the buildings around us. Exploiting the productive tension between the written word and the photographic image, the book draws upon aspects of place, myth, history, and personal experience in an open-ended exploration of some of Australia’s most iconic works of architecture. 

SpeakersStuart Geddes is a graphic designer, printer and occasional publisher, mostly of books. He is also a lecturer, industry fellow, researcher and PhD candidate at RMIT University

Michael Roper is an architect and poet. A co-director of Architecture architecture, Michael has been teaching architectural design for over 16 years. In 2016, he was awarded the Victorian Emerging Architect Prize.

Tom Ross is an Australian architectural and editorial photographer, published internationally. His photography has appeared in Monocle, Bloomberg, Dwell, Houses, Vogue Living and many other publications.

Host: Maitiú Ward is a co-director of publisher and bookseller, Uro Publications.

Sunday 3 September at 2PM, Gertrude Contemporary