Readings from the Lost Tablets

Readings from the Lost Tablets 

12pm-1pm Saturday,  March 19th at Composite, Unit 4/ 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

Readings from the book 'Lost Tablets', by Jan van Schaik, Nikos Papastergiadis, Su san Cohn, Ray Edgar, Shona Stark, and Rory Hyde

The Lost Tablets are a series of works by Jan van Schaik that explore the geometric language of architecture through the medium of children’s building blocks. Constructed by van Schaik from found blocks (many bearing the teeth marks of their former owners), each tablet flickers with strange resonances that point to a shared but deeply subjective symbolism of building.

The Lost Tablets book continues this exploration of the tension between the ideal of a shared architectural language, and the intrinsically personal nature of architectural interpretation. Within the book, 50 authors respond to the first 50 works in the Lost Tablets series, with each author articulating their perception of one work, in their own language, and in a form corresponding to their own interests.

In this event to mark the release of the Lost Tablets limited edition box set, a selection of authors will give a public reading of their contribution to the book. 

About the speakers:

Jan van Schaik, author of Lost Tablets, is an architect, educator, designer and creative practice researcher based in Melbourne, Australia.

Nikos Papastergiadis is Professor in Media and Communications, and Director of the Research Unit of Public Cultures at the University of Melbourne. In 2020 he published two books: Museums of the Commons (Routledge) and On Art and Friendship (Surpllus).

Su san Cohn is an artist, jeweller, designer, curator and writer. She has a long-standing practice working across the art-craft-design divide using a variety of media from jewellery to photography, video and performance. Cohn explores the role of jewellery in our social and political contexts.

Shona Stark is an artist, lecturer and multi-disciplinary designer. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she has been based in Berlin and Paris since 2011. Working conceptually in formats such as installation, video or sound, her artworks express duality: connection/disconnection, communication/miscommunication. Playing with rhythm, repetition and onomatopoeia, she explores simplistic, open language. 

Ray Edgar is a Melbourne-based freelance writer and editor. He writes regularly on art and design for the Age newspaper. He is co-author of Spray: The Work of Howard Arkley.

Rory Hyde is Associate Professor in Architecture, Curatorial Design and Practice at the University of Melbourne, and Design Advocate for the Mayor of London. His work is focused on new forms of practice for the public good and redefining the role of the architect today.

 About the Lost Tablets limited edition box set:

Includes the Lost Tablets book and 50 postcard images of the ‘dynamic' face of each Lost Tablet featured in the book. The book includes images of the mute sides of the 50 featured Lost Tablets. Available in a limited edition of 20, signed by the author, Jan van Schaik. Click here to secure your copy now.

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa, 2022