Room for more: New recipes for the common cookbook

A panel discussion to take place as part of the Same Page Art Book Fair hosted by Perimeter Books, presented at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space




Room for more: New recipes for the common cookbook 

Cookbooks make up a huge and growing portion of the publishing industry’s output. For the most part, these books follow a recipe: artful photography of impossible lifestyles plus exotic dishes made from improbable ingredients. 

But within the established, slightly unsatisfying conventions governing the content, language and format for cookbooks, some writers and publishers are finding room for more calorific content.

In this conversation, join some of the co-creators of two unconventional cookbooks that work to reveal food’s off-menu possibilities, and the culture and history that surrounds it.

Speakers: Fred Mora and Lauren Stephens are Long Prawn, the artistic practice behind Devil’s on Horseback: The Cookbook—A global etymology of oddly named dishes. From Pigs in a Blanket to Nun’s Farts this book pans its way across the world looking at how these dishes earned their names. Equal measures historical, visionary and surreal, the book depicts each recipe as their literal namesake, alongside the back-story and early recipes.

Jessie French is an artist and designer whose work explores the ethics of consumption, sustainability and regeneration through material experimentation. She is a contributing author to In, From, With: Exploring Collaborative Survivala book of edible and non-edible recipes that together form an intimate inquiry into contemporary consumption, and the potential of reading and doing as a form of metabolizing. 

Host: Maitiú Ward is a co-director of publisher and bookseller, Uro Publications.

Saturday 2 September at 3PM, Gertrude Contemporary