Architecture Australia reviews Studio Futures

Architecture Australia review‘Studio Futures powerfully and persuasively examines how the "changing trajectories" of architectural education in Australia and New Zealand will have a positive impact on practice and not just on pedagogy.’ ­– Harriet Harriss, Architecture Australia

Architecture Australia’s July/August issue features a three-page review of our recent release, Studio Futures: Changing Trajectories in Architectural Education. The review was penned by architect, author and educator Harriet Harriss, who leads the PhD Architecture and PhD Interior Futures programs at the Royal College of Art in London.

Studio Futures examines contemporary practices in design education, with a particular focus on the studio model, to understand how educators are responding to the demands of architectural practice now and into the future.

As Harriss writes, the book emphasizes the need for schools of architecture to move away from providing cookie-cutter curricular content. Instead, many of the essays contained within it argue that architectural education should provide support for ‘nascent practice forms and extended, interdisciplinary and emergent market opportunities’ – as Harriss puts it, ‘directing rather than simply reflecting practice.’

Writes Harriss: ‘If all good books on architectural education were judged by the practical applicability ­- and not just the philosophical profundity - of their insights, then this book could surely be considered exemplary.’

To read more about the book, or pick up a copy for yourself, click here.