Eye mag on Mongrel Rapture & ‘maverick-professional’ Stuart Geddes

Graphic design geeks out there might have spotted the whopping 18-page feature on the work of Stuart Geddes in the latest issue of influential international design quarterly Eye. We were lucky to be able to work with Stuart on the design of our books Mongrel Rapture and Episodic Urbanism, both of which went on to win awards thanks in no small part to what Eye describes as his ‘purposefully maverick-professional’ approach. Mongrel Rapture, in fact, features prominently throughout the feature. As Eye puts it: “In its sheer monumentality, it is tempting to compare Mongrel Rapture (and Geddes’ role in it) to such examples of graphic authorship as Bruce Mau’s 1344-page orchestration of Rem Koolhaas’s S, M, L, XL and Irma Boom’s fiver-year commission for Dutch conglomerate SHV.” High praise indeed, and we’re incredibly excited to see Stuart and Mongrel getting kudos in this well regarded international print journal.