Jeremy Till on God in Reverse: “a lifetime’s work of thinking to make and making to think.”

Jeremy Till, British architect and writer, and Head of Central Saint Martins, London, has offered some comments on Richard Goodwin's God in Reverse.

God in Reverse tracks a lifetime’s work of thinking to make and making to think. It is presented as a series of thought experiments – visual, material, intellectual – which ask ‘what if?’, where the ‘if’ is sometimes extreme but eventually lands in a set of spatial provocations.

If Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities has Venice at its core, then God in Reverse has Sydney as its object of tough love, unravelling the stranglehold that financialised space has placed around the city. As with his surrealist and Dada referents, the point is not whether Goodwin’s practice ‘works’, but rather the way the it brilliantly opens up new possibilities. The book is also a thing of beauty."

God in Reverse - Richard Goodwin