Praise for the graphic design of God in Reverse “...looks like no other architect monograph we've ever seen”

American Institute of Graphic Arts Eye on Design's Design Diary have included Richard Goodwin's God in Reverse in their no. 242 issue.

The editors of the graphic design news and criticism website describe God in Reverse as “...a monograph of architect Richard Goodwin that looks like no other architect monograph we’ve ever seen.”

They comment particularly on the unique graphic treatment of the book by Sean Hogan. “Hogan has given the spreads a look as irreverent as its author and subject matter”

“It’s a fitting visual style for Goodwin, who has been a critical commentator of architecture and urbanism, particularly in his native Sydney, since the 1970s.”

God in Reverse - Richard Goodwin

God in Reverse spreadGod in Reverse spread