Somewhere Other: the ideas and design philosophy of John Wardle Architects

In the heart of Venice, the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale is ready to open to the public from May 26 until November 25. Within the main exhibition, two Australian architecture firms have installed very different responses to the theme of 'Freespace'.

Tasmanian-based Room 11 architects offer a minimalist display that transports the viewer to Tasmania through three separate video displays that reveal the natural landscape in relation to a number of Room 11 projects.

While John Wardle Architects (JWA) have produced a complex, immersive experience that plays with portals, doorways and thresholds to create Somewhere Other

JWA's process is documented in a new book by the same title. More than just an exhibition catalogue, this 152-page book reveals the ideas and design philosophy embedded in the ongoing practice of JWA. 

Uro's newest title is a companion to any understanding of Wardle's installation and beautifully transports the reader to Venice and inside the mind of its architect.

Through detailed photographs and essays by John Wardle (Principal Architect John Wardle Architects), Max Delany (Artistic Director and CEO of Australian Centre for Contemporary Art) and Rory Hyde (Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism at the Victoria and Albert Museum), the development of Somewhere Other is brought to life. 

The book’s accompanying photo essays show the work of contractors, Jacaranda Industries, Tensys and Derek John and take a look inside the studio of Murano glass masters. These offer a rare look behind the scenes of the construction process.

Other photo essays explore the works of optical artist Natasha Johns-Messenger and film-makers Coco and Maximilian, whose works feature in JWA's Australian Pavilion.

The book is now available to preorder here