WATCH: Matthew Gandy talks 'Natura Urbana'

Urban geographer Matthew Gandy's film Natura Urbana: The Brachen of Berlin explores the spontaneous explosion of diverse wild landscapes in the abandoned urban spaces of Berlin during the post-war period. Emerging from war-time destruction, economic malaise, and geopolitical division, these empty sites evolved into laboratories for botanists, artists, and ordinary people seeking respite from the city.

In this panel talk, Matthew Gandy joins landscape architect Alistair Kirkpatrick, artist Sarah Lynch and Uro Publications' Maitiú Ward to discuss Gandy's film and recent book Natura Urbana: Ecological Constellations in Urban Space (MIT 2022), and the role spontaneous plants play in the urban environment.

Watch the talk below, or purchase Matthew Gandy's book Natura Urbana here: