botanic gardens of the world by deborah trentham

Botanic Gardens of the World: Tales of extraordinary plants, botanical history and scientific discovery

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Publisher: Greenfinch, ISBN: 9781529428094, Author: Deborah Trentham, Format: Hardcover, 254 x 198 mm, 256pp

From the Renaissance gardens of Italy to the futuristic botanic gardens of Singapore, this gorgeous book tells the story of these unique institutions. It is a history of science and learning, of politics and national interests, of societal concerns and conservation. But, most of all, it is a compelling exploration of the power and possibility of the natural world, that we are still merely scratching the surface of.

Expert garden historian Deborah Trentham has selected the world’s most important gardens and delves deep into the history of these horticultural institutions – sharing stories of exploration, extraordinary plants and the scientific breakthroughs which have shaped these stunning gardens.

Filled with rare and beautiful plants and incredible locations from around the globe – from Norway to Morocco, Kyoto to Kew, Brooklyn to Buenos Aires, and Madrid to Malaysia – this book will transport you to far-flung places and bygone eras, and consider the future of our botanical havens and the natural wonders they protect.

Illustrated with stunning photography, this is an exploration of the world’s 40 most important botanic gardens and their pivotal role in scientific study, medical research, and conservation.