101 Things I Didn't Learn In Architecture School

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Publisher: Self published, ISBN: 9780648693703, Author: Sarah Lebner, Format: Paperback, 139 x  216 mm, 130pp

Your first architecture job can involve a very steep learning curve.
This book helps students and graduates of architecture kick-start their career and shave months off their professional development.

This book will help you:
- Understand construction basics so you can avoid embarrassing situations and quickly understand instructions.
- Grasp an overview of the industry and business of architecture so that you don’t feel kept in the dark
- Gain personal tips and helpful resources for an enjoyable and successful work life.

Young architects are expected to learn much of their trade on the job, in an industry that often treats them poorly and stunts their professional development. The profession is crying out for a resource like this that can provide introductions, insight, perspective and mentor-style advice for young architects in the first five years of their career.

Readers are invited to understand concepts through 25 simple diagrams, and language that assumes no prior learning. Throughout the book, further resources are provided as a mind-map of industry information. Young architects are welcomed into the broader online community of My First Architecture Job which offers further resources, knowledge, and community.