a+u 576: Sustainability in Australia

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Publisher: Shinkenchiku-sha, ISBN: 4910019730989, Format: Softcover220 x 290 mm, 176pp

From Indigenous systems of land management to buildings modifications made by local tradesmen, the idea of sustainability is always seen as responding closely to two things: climatic conditions and cultural backgrounds.

In Australia the extremities in living conditions across the continent provide grounds for distinctive architectural undertakings. Together with Wendy Lewin, Maryam Gusheh, and Tom Heneghan, this edition of a+u presents an overview of the notion of sustainability in the Australian context through a rich diversity in topology and styles of architecture, including projects by Glenn Murcutt, John Wardle, Officer Woods Architects, Andrew Burns, Troppo Architects, and others.

a+u is a forward-thinking monthly architectural magazine from Japan which tackles a diverse range of themes, movements and discussions in the fields of architecture and urbanism. Each issue is comprehensively illustrated and accompanied by plans, maps, sections and details.