Brick An Exacting Material

Brick: An Exacting Material

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Publisher: Architectura & Natura, ISBN: 9789461400277, Author: Jan Peter Wingender, Format: Hardcover, 245 x 175 mm, 352pp 

Brick is an evolutionary exploration of one of the most prevalent building materials in Dutch architecture. Against the background of a beautiful hardcover publication designed by Joost Grootens, Jan Peter Wingender presents his readers brick from all possible viewpoints, both historical and technical, in detail as well as in the context of the building design.

“Architecture is such an autonomous applied art, that a healthy development can only occur along the lines of evolution. It is this quote by Dutch architect H.M. Kraaijvanger that Wingender uses as opening for his book on brick. It reflects his thematic choice to portray the material in an evolutionary narrative. Although the use of brick as a cladding material in Dutch building practice is the main subject of this book, it also can be used as a local example for international practice.

Next to the extensive research in cooperation with the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Brick features a diverse group of contributors that discuss the use of brick from various standpoints. It is a broad exploration of different positions from designers such as Rudy Uytenhaak and Marlies Rohmer. The texts in the book are written by specialists: Aart Oxenaar (urban history), Louise Schouwenberg (design and material), Baukje Trenning (Amsterdam), Udo Garritzmann (tectonics), Machiel Spaan, Hans van der Heijden, Jeroen Geurst, Harrie Vekemans (legislation), Jaapjan Berg (interviews).