Christopher Dell: Dialogue Concerts

Dialogue Concerts: Conceptual Research on Architecture and Music

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Publisher: Spector Books, ISBN: 9783959057417, Author: Christopher Dell, Format: Threadsewn Softcover, 210 x 300 mm, 160pp

In the current state of geopolitical instability, migration, climate change, and housing crisis, professionals in different disciplines question once again the integrity of the actions they take. It is against this background that the comprehensive publication at hand transposes into book format the experiences of the performative research undertaken by the Dialogue Concerts series and the themes it provoked. The richly illustrated volume presents lectures and the visuality they refer to, discussions, installation views, and new theoretical writings together with the original programmes. Bringing together prominent figures of both disciplines, this book vividly demonstrates how architects, urban designers, composers, and musicians alike can deeply inspire societal change in the process of shifting the focus of their future practices.

Christopher Dell, born 1965, works in Berlin as a theoretician in urban design and architecture, as a musician and composer, and as an artist.