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G.W. Pestorius: Elbin Drive and Beyond, 9783903131804

G.W. Pestorius: Elbin Drive and Beyond

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Publisher: VFMK, ISBN9783903131804, Editors: David Pestorius and Leni Hoffmann, Format: Hardcover, 98pp 172 x 244 mm

G. W. Pestorius: Eblin Drive and Beyond is the first monograph on Brisbane architect Geoff Pestorius (1930 – 1968). It focuses on G. W. Pestorius’ spatial tour de force, the Sweeney house (1966) in the inner-Brisbane suburb of Hamilton, al- though several other projects are also featured, including his Mt Tamborine House (1965) for the same client.

Also included is documentation of the exhibition 50: Drewe & Pestorius’ Sweeney House, curated by Andrew Wilson, in the stairhall/ gallery space of the house in 2016. It also features a genealogy that sheds light on the architect’s family origins in Germany, as well as a comprehensive listing and bibliographic entries relating to exhibitions and events held at the Sweeney House since 1999, when it became a house for exhibiting contemporary art from Brisbane, from Australia and from around the world.