9782365113281: Giverny by Terri Weifenbach

Giverny: A Year In The Garden

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Publisher: Atelier EXB, ISBN: 9782365113281,  Author: Cyrille Sciama, Format: Hardcover, 260 x 300 mm, 144pp

For this first publication dedicated to the garden of the Musée des impressionnismes in Giverny, designed by landscape artist Mark Rudkin including more than 22,000 planted flowers, the Museum has given carte blanche to Terri Weifenbach to document it for close to a year.

The American photographer was inspired by the Impressionists who stayed nearby a century and a half ago. Under her lens, the colors of nature are evoked by strokes, like those of a paintbrush, and become visual sensations. Terri Weifenbach manages to restore the different seasons and the power of the colors that make the place famous, and invites us to a stroll that is both pictorial and contemplative over the pages. A text by Cyrille Sciama, director of the Museum, accompanies this journey.