how to not fuck up your art-world happiness

How To Not Fuck Up Your Art-World Happiness

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Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst, ISBN: 9783903439702, Authors: Christoph Noe, Format: Paperback, 178 x 121 mm, 88pp


After living and working in the art world for the past 15 years, Christoph Noe brought pen to paper to gather some thoughts on how to navigate the culture industry. Following multiple conversations and with the encouragement of his art-world crew, Noe hopes that these guidelines can function as a possible motivator for those in the industry. "This guidebook is my contribution to look at the positive side of the art world and give first-hand advice, tips and food for thought for a fresh perspective," explains Noe.

The advice is both entertaining and enlightening, reminding readers of the charm of working in the art world while also warning against some of the pitfalls. To this end, the comprehensive guide addresses all actors in the art market including also those in the art service industries who are often kept behind the scenes.