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In Detail: Exhibitions and Displays

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Publisher: Birkhauser Architecture,  ISBN: 9783764399559, Author: Christian Schittich, Format: Hardcover, 300 x 235 mm, 176pp

From trade-fair stands to museum concepts, the successful transfer of information to a wide public audience relies on effective staging and appropriate architectural design.

While museum exhibitions focus on the art of communicating content, with commercial aspects tending to play a more subordinate role, the goal of trade fair stands and showrooms is to convey a brand image.

And at least since large companies like BMW and Mercedes began introducing commercialised museum concepts designed to stage their brands, the phenomenon has come full circle.

Not infrequently, planners today must not only accomplish the demanding task of designing an exhibition; they must also meet full service demands, from briefings and CI design to realisation. How to do this successfully is the subject of short articles by authors from the relevant fields.

With extensively documented project examples organised by presentation or exhibition type, these valuable technical articles offer a detailed roadmap to practical success.