Martin Rauch Refined Earth - Construction & Design of Rammed Earth

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Publisher: Detail, ISBN 9783955532734, Format: Hardcover, 230 x 290 mm, 168pp

For over 25 years, Martin Rauch has been at the forefront of research and development in all aspects of rammed earthed construction. As proper design with earth can only come from truly understanding the material, he would now like to share his experience and knowledge of this construction material in a design manual.

The publication goes beyond projects to focus on structural elements, such as the design and layout of floors, walls, ceilings and openings, which are clearly explained with detailed project information from structures previously realised by Martin Rauch. Various examples help to illustrate how to overcome structural engineering difficulties in earth construction and the design possibilities that result from these solutions.

Essays about earth as a material and its particular aspects in the areas of building biology, building physics and construction permits complete this fundamental work.

- Martin Rauch’s experience of over 25 years of practical application in earth construction
- From design details and craftsmanship to prefabrication and industrial production
- A wide range of various solutions for specific design tasks using completed structures as examples