Revisiting Postmodernism

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Publisher: RIBA Publishing, ISBN: 9781859466322, Author: Sir Terry Farrell, Adam Nathaniel Furman, Format: 215 x 196 mm 

Revisiting Postmodernism invites readers to see postmodernism in a new light: not just as a style, but as a cultural phenomenon which embraces all areas of life, and thrives on complexity and pluralism. Focusing on architecture but touching on other elements of design, urban planning and place making, this engaging book reflects both on the historical movement and on how postmodernism influences practices today.

Sir Terry Farrell and Adam Nathaniel Furman present two separate but complementary perspectives of this rich period of architectural history; one account as lived experience from a protagonist and pioneer in the field of postmodern architecture, and the other analysing the movement afresh, through the lens of the 21st century.

Shedding new light onto the forces and influences of the time, and offering insight into how these were transforming approaches to architecture both in the UK and internationally, this important book presents a new appreciation of this period of architectural history. Sumptuously illustrated with examples from across the globe, Revisiting Postmodernism offers a fresh perspective on buildings of this period, sharing their richness, diversity, and brilliance, with an emphasis on what was interesting, beautiful and unique about the architecture which emerged from this unusually fertile moment in history.