RMIT Design Archives Journal Vol 10 No. 2: Design and Manufacturing

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Publisher: RMIT University, ISSN: 18387314-102, Editor: Harriet Edquist, Format: Softcover, 210 x 300 mm, 71pp

The theme of this issue of the RMIT Design Archives Journal 'Design and Manufacturing' will, we hope, provide an impetus to a field of research which has not yet in Australia, developed a vigorous discourse. Philip Goad opens the collection with an examination of post-war Australia "when architects, artists and designers were enlisted as part of a broader push in a new and vital project of national recovery: the establishment and growth of a resilient local manufacturing industry."

Giorgio Marfella rediscovers the design by David Godsell (Guilford Bell) in 1959 of the Melbourne headquarters of a major textile manufacturer, Feltex. And as Journal Editor, Harriet Edquist writes "Jocic and Napper discuss the ways in which manufacturing impacts on the design process."

Laura Jocic paints a picture of fashion production through the archives of Bruce Slorach and Sara Thorn, and Robbie Napper investigates mass customisation of bicycle design where the customer plays a central role.