The Architectural Sketches of Henning Larson

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Publisher: Strandberg Publishing, ISBN: 9788794102933, Author: Merete Ahnfeldt-Mollerup, Format: Hardcover, 160pp

A new perspective on one of Denmark's greatest architects told through his marvelous drawings

Architect Henning Larsen (1925-2013) was a virtuous illustrator with extreme attention to the details of his surroundings. He was drawing constantly. To him drawing was a way of collecting his thoughts, a method that made him understand his work deeply. As a young man, he broke with the Danish tradition of creating architecture, a way that was thoroughly advocated for at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He was more interested in finding a way of creating more freely - and of thinking more freely as well.

This book presents a selection of his drawings and portray how he developed both professionally and personally from the young, dreaming, and curious architect to a committed and open-minded leader of a large architectural practice. The drawings tell the story of the personal journey of an architect and about working with architecture before everything became digitalized.