Turner: Transforming the City

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Publisher: Pesaro Publishing, ISBN: 9781877015335, Author: Patrick Bingham-HallFormat: Hardcover, 245 x 345 mm, 280 pp

The Turner Studio is one of Sydney’s leading architectural practices, one which has played a vanguard role in the unprecedented liveability of the city’s recent higher-density development.

A multitude of projects have redefined Sydney’s scale and morphology, and most critically, Turner has ensured that sustainability is now fundamental to the city’s urban planning. Turner has shown the way in prioritising environmental remediation alongside communal amenity, and their large-scale projects have forcefully demonstrated that apartment living is now personally desirable and ethically responsible.

This book constitutes a case study of a newly prerequisite approach to urban architecture, where as the architects say, “We have a responsibility beyond the building. It’s about how to create a place, and how to cater for a broad community and the city at large.”

All Turner’s major projects are documented with colour photographs and detailed formal drawings. A lengthy introductory essay examines the significance of Turner’s approach and strategies in the context of the challenges facing urban development in the 21st century.