in Detail: Work Environments

In Detail: Work Environments

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Publisher: Birkhauser, ISBN: 9783034615204, Edited by:: Christian Schittich, Format: Hardcover295 x 210 mm, 120pp

The requirements confronting our workplaces have recently undergone a dramatic transformation. Constantly shifting workspace populations and varying uses of workspace call for flexible spatial structures, and so do new professions and innovative working methods. The planning of workspaces is influenced by the digitalisation of our storage media as well as by new materials and building technologies. And yet for all the importance of flexibility and technology, the ultimate focus is still on human beings. How, then can the multilayered concepts of indoor climate, lighting, acoustics, and ergonomics be reconciled with spatial structures that lend themselves to a variety of uses?

In keeping with the typological approach of the series, this volume of the series In Detail presents the various work environments organised according to use. The focus throughout is on the successful interplay between technical standards, organisational structures, and human needs.